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Application Deadline March 11, 2019 - See applicaiton for important further deadline information!

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One of the missions of the Maricopa County Fair, Inc. is to promote education to youth. The Scholarship Program (Educational Grant) is just one of the ways to accomplish this mission. In 2017 the fair awarded a total of $30,750 in scholarships to 17 deserving youth,

Congratulations to the 2017 recipients:

Hadley Sawyer - $5,000 Sue Kimmerle Scholarship
Kenadie Crane - $3,000 Barb Feenstra Scholarship
Seth Tramp - $2,500 Scholarship
Cambree Toben - $2,000 Jacque Accomazzo Scholarship
Kayla Lonchar - $2,000 Scholarship
Sarah Toth - $2,000 Scholarship
Jenna Mennetti - $2,000 John Kerr Scholarship
McKenna Day - $2,000 Scholarship
McKenna Carmichael - $1,500 Scholarship
Colton Post - $1,500 Teddie Crane Scholarship
Emily Youngker - $1,500 Scholarship
Kinsey Green - $1,250 Scholarship
Brittany Martin - $1,250 Scholarship
Cody Jenkins - $1,000 Scholarship
Bailey Rorick - $1,000 Scholarship
Taylor Ussery - $750 Scholarship
Haven Steele - $500 Scholarship

If you are a High School Senior, or will be attending your first year of college as a full time student (min 12 credits), are less than 22 years of age, a resident of Maricopa County, have participated in the Maricopa County Fair at least 2 times including the year of application and have have a grade point average of 2.5 or greater, you may qualify to receive a scholarship.

You can meet your participation requirement by entering an exhibit in any department at the fair or volunteering to work at the fair or in the fair office.

If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund, please contact our office at 602-252-0717 ex. 403. 100% of all donations go directly to the scholarship fund.

2019 scholarship application.




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