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Livestock Show

The Youth Livestock Shows and Small Stock Shows at the Maricopa County Fair are some of the best in the state. Don’t miss your opportunity to join the Ag-Citing times. Having a project animal is an excellent way to lean about farming, agriculture, finances, responsibility and showmanship.

The Annual Auctions are highlights of the fair and provide a chance for the youth to sell their projects providing money for college, further education and future project animals. 

Raising an animal teaches children animal husbandry,  finances, responsibility and the life cycle. It is an excellent learning opportunity. Join those that supported the kids during the 2018 auctions and show your commitment to our youth. The 2019 Small Stock Auction is April 12th and the Large Stock Auction is April 13th.

Those Interested in raising an animal project should consider joining an organized youth club such as the 4-H or FFA.

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